October 14, 2015

Cleary O’Farrell


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Cleary is a photographer specializing in Architecture, Interiors, and Commercial Spaces.

A native of Seattle, Cleary studied art at the University of Washington. A couple of years and a student loan later, Cleary found herself making her photography hobby a business. After shooting many different types of subjects, Cleary found architecture to be the perfect mix of technicality and creativity, and she was immediately hooked with photographing architecture and interiors.

Cleary uses a combination of natural and artificial light to artistically capture indoor and outdoor spaces. Every single image is meticulously crafted with expert attention to detail.

When she isn’t photographing architecture, Cleary enjoys participating in running events in and around the city, as well as traveling, and partaking in the numerous foodie & outdoor activities the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

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